Sergeant at Arms - Umberhulk

Verse 1-
My legacy is stated by the stature of my sword
It's always at the ready and well it serves its lord
When aroused to combat then the wise shall know: Beware!
My strength is great, my blade is long, will run deeper if you care

Prepared for combat, an instinctual need
My blade at the ready, hand on the sheath
When I attack I am not alone
A million stand behind me. Lads, we?ll soon be going home

-Verse 2-
My longbow is a fearsome thing, never shall it miss its mark
Surely you?ll remember the day I go hunting in the dark
My specialty is headshots, now, so open up your eyes
For the delivery as I let my messenger fly


My sword guides my way. You won?t run away
You?ll go down and be run aground
And my sword's tip in you shall dip
You?re a trembling mass, seen your maker at last

-Verse 3-
Ready yourself, sly predator, for I liken you to prey
My halberd boast a mighty range
It?s cleaver-like swing attack and massive iron head
May split thee in two and leave thee asking how deep the blade is fed


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