The Evil Keep - Umberhulk

-Verse 1-
For many days now, I have lead my warriors in fight after fight
Desecrate the wicked, and expose them to the light
Burn down the walls of agony and pain
No remorse for the villain, their death shall I bring
Life without battle is pain without blood
Drag you through sorrow, and expose you to good
My intentions are lawful but I just can?t defend
Good is a virtue: worry it to the end

Raise the militia ? we go to war/This brand of evil ? I settle the score
None shall defy us ? wrongful intent/Sardath behind us ? the power of death

-Verse 2-
The Evil Keep stands alone ? a pure bastion of hate
We must defend the values of a purely dwarven state
The lesson learned by all inside is watch your backs
A group of peasants bring you down ? prepare for the attack
A mighty lord leads the charge ? his will is not his own
A pawn of values that he believes ? Tempus burns his soul
War is life... And the pain... It is the breath that keeps us going on
Cleanse the earth of all these demons that call this keep their home


War is what makes men of boys, women of girls, brings a nation joy
And another defeat, it?s not sad to say there are mice, there are men, and that is the way
God be willing this shall never cease, that humanity should sink to making peace
I fear the day when battle is resolved with words

The preemptive strike had set the stage. The dwarf and his friends had war to wage
War was the cause, war and chaos alone. The clash of swords was Sardath?s throne
Tempus cares not whose blood is spilled, long may it keep his chalice filled
Delivered with much malice

War is good for merchants and war is good for kings
Let the warriors battle and their tales the minstrels sing
War makes friends of strangers and brothers enemies

Agony surely passes. We do as we please

-Verse 3-
The enemy is driven from the keep ? They stand before us now
Lined up for the trial ? Whose life will we allow?
The human Sardath is judge and jury ? executioners at his side
These are just our simple ways when off to war we ride


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