Wolf in The Woods - Umberhulk

Wolf in the woods. There?s a wolf in the woods

-Verse 1-
The peasants in the hamlet know its name
His visage perhaps changes but they know it stays the same
Once you?ve seen his steely gaze and spied his iron teeth
You?ll fall to your knees and pray `cause you can?t run away

-Verse 2-
The wizard on the hill unlocks his gate
His servants set it on your trail. Do not run the wolf cannot fail
As you?re passing through the woods remember to keep your eyes
Locked upon the trail?s end for then you may not find?

The wolf in the woods. Wolf in the woods

-Drum Solo, Guitar Solo-

Wolf in the woods. There?s a wolf in the woods

-Verse 3-
The trail?s edge is lined with what you seek
Her temptation draw you nearer but these all are traps to lure the weak
Take you but a single sip or feast you with your eyes
Wakens the wolf from within ? his bite tears at your spine

Wolf in the woods. The wolf in the woods

Wolf in the woods... Wolf in the woods!

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