Stormy Monday / Have You Ever Loved a Woman? / No Rollin' Blues - Van Morrison

Call it Stormy Monday


Lord, Lord
But Tuesday is just as bad, yeah
They, they, they, they
They, they, they, they
Call it Stormy Monday
But yeah, Tuesday's just as bad, yeah
And Wednesday's worse
Thursday's somethin' that you never had

Eagle-eagle, flies on Friday
Saturday we go out n' play, play, play
The eagle flies of Friday
And on Saturday, we go out n' play, yeah
Sunday, we go to church, yeah
I don't listen to anything they say, yeah

Well, Lord (Lord) have mercy, yeah
You know my heart's in misery, yeah
You know, Friday
Lord, have mercy, yeah
My heart's in misery, yeah
Since I met this woman
I'm caught between the devil
And the deep blue sea, yeah

Go, go, go, go

(Instrumental & guitar)

(Van:) Thank you, 'Jimmy Witherspoon'

(Horn solo)


Jimmy Witherspoon sings:
Have you ever loved a woman
Caught her runnin' around?
(audience member shouts out, 'YES'!)
Yes, have you ever loved a womanส
Caught her runnin' around?
There's only one thing to do, boys
It's stop it, till they worn down

Yes an' when you come home from work
Ev'ry evenin'
And ev'rything you do was wrong

(audience laughter)

Yes, when you get home from work
In the evenins'
An' ev'rything you do is wrong
Well, you might as well
Pack up that one suit and leave
Because someone's carryin' your roller off

Well, when I went to see my baby
She pulled the chains and locked the door
She says, 'Bye, Witherspoon, I don't need your rollin' no more!'

Ain't that just like a woman?
Yes, they'll leave you feeling awful bad
Yes, an' all the time they know

Jimmy: 'This is my verse comin' up, this is mine!
Van: Alright!
Unknown: All yours!

Well, some people have to love out in the parlor
Some people have to love in Lover's Lane
The 'Spoon', likes to love in the wee hours of the mornin'
When it's pourin' down rain

Now she's gone
And she's gone away
Yes, if she ever do wrong once, boys
She'll never do right, again
Yeah boy, never do right, again

Jimmy says:
'Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much, thank you'

'How 'bout it, Mr. Jimmy Witherspoon'

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