I'll Be The One - Vanessa Williams

I'm on in my
A heart so easy
It's just for you
I'm singing I don't waste time in dession
We've got things to do so let's in

Any time you feel like a linlow
I'll be there to give my heart
When you see it's me let's it think in on
All you got to do it's call and baby

I'll be the one who loves you
I'll be the rythm that make your heart
You guess and guess that spin' around
And baby
I'll be the one who holds you
Will do that night of nights
You guess that lovin' you can't turn down

I'll be the one

And when we're dance there
A start a fire I'll just come for you
All over let's go there I got for am I
You're my own with you Baby

Every single day I will send you
A feelings and a touch your heart
Touch your heart

Every single night I'll be here with you
You can win the part a part you feel me


I'll be the one

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