Words: J. Stacy - Velvet Chain

Music: j. stacy / e. amato / t. calzini

I have a window in my mind
I can turn to look right through you
Won?t cost you anything but time
To see me feel like you do
Your cold and frozen mind
Locked in a winter?s season
You only live your life one time
Now you must find a reason

I?m standing in your shoes
I feel your conscience cut right through me
Sensation oh so cruel
You keep your pain so close and cozy

I see a complicated maze
Debris of dead compassion
A love came like a hurricane
Then left it?s devastation

While you are breaking down
You?re building up your best defenses
And when you finally drown
You?ll lose your lover and your senses

I?ll be the padding in your cell
An iceburg floating in your hell
You can lean on me
Believe in someone or in something
The sun is shining bright
The sky is blue and waiting for you
Stay inside your darkened room
And all your troubles will consume you...

Depression is a sin
Your temple is a prison
Tomorrow breaks you down again
Your soul committing treason

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