Born Entertainer - Veruca Salt

This couldn't get any better
She didn't get it so f_ck her
I'll never be any saner
I'm a born entertainer
Yeah [x9]
You couldn't be any cuter
You couldn't be any cooler
You'll never be any saner
Cause you're a born entertainer
Yeah [x12]
I want you to want me
I need you to need me
I dare you to ditch me
I beg you to miss me
(so rock)
You couldn't get any rad-er
(so rad)
You couldn't be any bad-er
(so sad)
You couldn't be any meaner
(gotta ditch me)
You're a born entertainer
(gotta ditch me)
We're the born entertainers [x2]
The born entertainers

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