Own Yourself - Verzache

Wait, how important is what?
Would you say that social media is to developing your sense of uniqueness?
I honestly think that, I love so much sh_t, I love so much artistic sh_t, I make so much artistic sh_t but, I don't post a lot of it because, I don't know honestly
I mean because I'm scared of all these followers that I've had for years and their opinion
But people have been following for like ten years
And I've changed
But that's part of the journey
It is
To own yourself and you know putting that fear aside, putting that fear of what people think of you
If this is a time where you're thriving and you're making things and you have ideas
I think that people will be appreciative
The right people
The right people but its like you dont need the ones that dont
I think that's what's important about social media too, is like it breaks down the barrier of distance and proximity
So what was the first question you asked, how important is what?

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