A letter - Vincens

Let me tell u now this is a letter baby
Things I should told u long ago
Should I laugh or cry telling u what I'm feeling baby
I hope u understand 'cos I dont know
Thinking of the reasons why
Never made it any easier to realize

Chorus :
I'm never gonna let u down
No I'm never gonna let u down once more
'Cos our love has come to an end
I've won't let u down again

Whenever there were clouds to block my vision baby
Sunshine would come with u always
Inseparable like elements of nature baby
What a pain to know u brightened my last day
I'm telling u that love did not fail
It's a truth that's come to me 'cos my love will alwais remain


My nights are darker my darkness colder
My craziness becomes insanity that must be the reason
Why I ever dared to imagine
Can u forgive all the mistakes that I made


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