I Wish I was a Girl - Violent Delight

I wish I was a girl so I'd see more tits
I wish I could jack by dipping in a pit
I only have a d_ck, that's quite hairy
My ass is too, that's kinda scary

I wish I was a girl

I don't care about the blood, I don't care about the pain
Cos being a girls the only thing that's on my brain
Cos being a guy is really boring
And cross dressing just isn't my thing

Some people think I might be gay
But I don't swing the other way
I just wanna be a girl so damn much
To feel my clit as it gets...............

But if I was a girl I couldn't drive no more
Cos I couldn't tell the difference between the clutch and the door
I'd get mood swings and I'd have to shave my pits
But I wouldn't really care cos I would have massive tits
I wouldn't have to put up with erections all the time
I'd get a better job by performing 69
Cos being a girl would be so cool
Cos when you come you don't leave a pool


Why wasn't I a girl
(repeat 12 times)


Chorus and out

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