Blood Money 3.5 - Wale feat A$AP Ferg

[Verse 1 - Wale:]
New York get the blood money
Real n_ggas smoking loud ass weed
Still counting my math, La Marina
Summertime I be in the spot
On the hood sh_t, smell me n_ggas, it's all
DC got love for me
Young n_ggas sippin' all that lean (try slowin' them down)
Real live at the town, they be go-go'd out
I play the let out, smell me, n_gga, still flat out, uh
Chilly weather, Balmain with many zipper
I'm ballin', see my closet a dollar of Penny's in them
And ain't talkin' about no problems
Cause problems get finished quick with 'em
N_ggas ch-ch-chopper brat-tat-tat any n_gga
Know that the city vicious
Drug dealing right here appealing
Like they some villains and something they had the hero in again, uh
Now here I come and who carries Maryland with 'em?
The crabs in the bucket?
F_ck it I've been aquarium clearin', uh
Coming through with some young Surulere goons
Rest in peace to Boo
Used to rock them Melo number two's
That was '02, maybe '03, oh, please
Stop it, you're Origami, I'm finna fold crews
Uh, overseas to the back block
Uh, straight G's where I'm at Bob
Uh, and we done seen it growing up
When the fiends get they look
They always jukin' like it's black rock
Spin it, you know let's get it
Take this money, I'ma take your b_tches
And no I'm not a gangsta, but I stay authentic
That's why I go up to any place and remain unblemished
8 for the tennis, I'm great with the lyrics
The n_ggas upstate saying "'Le n_ggas tellin'" like "'Le n_ggas tell it"
Say the n_ggas tell 'em
I swear a n_gga heard I ain't e'er been a weller
Redbone redbone, well put together
Put it in my cell, I can put it in your belly
Kettering. what's up? Landover. what's up?
Roll pass Ardmore, feeling local as f_ck
Audemar keep it on, n_ggas won't even touch
When you home and you humble you get a lot of respect
And n_ggas trappin' trying to get at all the bread
Get up out of the jungle, get his daughter a bed
Get his son some gear, find a pot he can piss in
So quarters moving back and forth like it's a lottery ticket
And to be honest who gon' want McDonalds position?
No time for chicken nuggets but somehow they find all the dippers
They slipping

[Clip from Elaine:]
Hey. I just spent a lot of time and I have eaten a lot of crap to get where I am today. And I am not throwing it all away now

Blood money (yeah yeah)

[Verse 2 - A$AP Ferg:]
Ah (blood blood)
Daddy, daddy was a legend
Harlem born, money gettin'
'til he pull an armageddon
Trigger brrrr cerebellum
Mellow at the 7/11
Mama had to call the reverend
Daddy teach your hood a lesson from the seven Mac-11
8:30 eight mack ten crack ones
Putting genocide on my Black friends
Richard Porter seen the slaughter
Alpo kinda sorta was a ho
Cause he left the whole hood and he didn't water, dam
Sh_t n_ggas still glorify
He had all the rise
He had all the b_tches f_cking all the thots
He the man, rocking Dapper Dan
With a gun in hand, Pakistan
I don't understand how you kill your man (damn)
I don't understand how you kill your man
Goddamn, how you kill your man over money when
Two Harlem kids in a gang do the devil's dance
Cause the greed of money had them caught up all up in a trance

[Verse 3 - Wale:]
F_ck n_ggas taking nothing from me
Sun going down in a town, ain't nothing funny
Little buddy
On a corner where a quarter
On the 5-0 and the law
And the mind tripping off the water
Talking to herself in public
I'm looking off of South Florida Avenue
Haven't you heard of the dealers and loiterers
The trappers and murderers
I could see searching quarters at the manor
Until you see the glory in its own
I don't see it n_gga
They keep it G, they can't see it n_gga
They see you on CDs and see you on the scene slipping
You being hot you see I'm Pac
Don't pee in public
We ain't seen peace in these parts
No Teen Summit, blood money

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