Clappers - Wale feat Nicki Minaj, Juicy J

Shawty got a big ol' b_tt

[Hook: Wale]
Clappers to the front, front, front, front
Clappers to the front, front, front, front
Shawty got a big ol' b_tt
Oh Yeah!!!

[Verse 1: Wale]
Bounce, bounce, bounce, fool - I put the city on
Bounce, bounce, bounce, fool - then I put my n_ggas on
Bounce, bounce, bounce, fool - I ain't gotta say too much
It's rap anticipation keeping radiant stadium
Rap fool, see that from a block away
I ain't pessimistic but I dropped a couple not today
OOOOH - Bet she call you not today
I told 'em all my lot is out
I know the thing like scarlatine
Ooooh - I wonder if she shot up
I just know her favorite song is "Started from the Bottom"
And I ain't hating mama, fact I wanna take your number
Said you save yo bread from Magic something happened then went Wala!

[Hook: Wale]

[Verse 2: Juicy J]
Shawty come shake that ass for me
Let a trippy n_gga see what you working with
Can you clap that ass, do a handstand, girl
Make you do a wiggle, do a perfect split
She got the fattest ass, she got the perfect tits
I wanna get some head, come on work your lips
I'm high in the clouds ain't coming down
I'm so turned up I can't find the ground
Supersonic n_gga got me smoking weed by the pound
Make it flip [?]
Juicy got chips like Frito-Lay
And I'm f_cking these chicks out of D.O.A.
I'm so dopeboy fresh that you think that I'm selling blow tape
Your chick to be, I be a getting her pregnant in her throat

[Bridge: Juicy J]
Shawty bust it open for me, I might throw this cash
Shawty throw that ass like a Hail Mary pass
I'm f_cking me a new chick every night
Make that ass clap, I don't care about that cellulite

[Hook: Wale]

[Verse 3: Wale]
Clappers to the front, got a backwood full of skunk
Got a white boy with the funnel gentrifying, that's whats up!
Clappers to the front, got a [?] full of scum
Now she finna bust it loose, screaming rest in peace to Chuck
It's that DMV, at the KOD
And I can CC you these CC's
But don't be OC

[Verse 4: Nicki Minaj]
Shout out to that cellulite
Got a real bad b_tch that will sex you right
Got another bad b_tch who set you right
Got a couple hoodrats on Section 8
Make a n_gga cum, don't procrastinate
Ass saw a 5-0 come crack the case
Got ass for days, come activate
This ass on fire evacuate
Throw that ass in the air, evaporate
Where your money little b_tch? Evaluate
If you got big money elaborate
I'mma shake this ass 'till I graduate

[Hook: Wale]

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