Intro Stroke of Genius - Wale

The envy of my biggest haters
It's not the type of situation that a n_gga painting
I swear the dirty b_tches scheming, they be on them capers
N_ggas dying from dippers, pistols, and fornication
This is, the capital of the universe
Where dreaming of bigger wheels is pursuing a newer hearse
Now how was that for your consolation prize?
Can't address my vision, you caught up with naked eye
It's Basiquiat without a brush
Vodka in a toliet cup
Painting dog colors cause my marijuana loud enough
Other artist that's working is never working this hard
It's sort of a cross between Nicki and Ernie Barnes
Sugar shacking with shorties wetting up all their pearlies
It's not a sleeve baby girl it's an allegory
And in any category, I'm very established
Got women of all colors my home is a palette
Superior talent, Women give me my balance
In Ocho Rios me and shawty, we smoke out a chalice
Rastafar right, N_gga about to scar ya
And take a life, I'm painting potassium chloride
Expect the truth, When I come through you n_ggas all slight
And you got no pool like you rolling up your cigars type
I live by the code "F_ck hoes", make it look easy
She said she need me in her walls, I give her graffiti
A jay of that diesel, My portrait been lethal
Straight off the easel, I proceed to do this for the people
Straight off the [?], Still undefeated
I'm painting masterpieces
Ralph, A stroke of genius

With this paint, I can tell this story
You can break it down for me
So with the paint, I can tell this story
With this brush...
Now with this brush, I'm a paint this story
Now tell them with this brush, I'm a paint your story
Now tell them with this brush, Let me paint the story
Lord, Let me paint this
Now with this brush I'm a paint the story
No fake sh_t for me

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