Keep It Moving (Freestyle) - Wale feat Ab-Soul & Magazeen

[Hook - Ab-Soul (Wale):]
One time for my real n_ggas, yeah they f_ckin' with me
Yeah they f_ckin' with me
Two times for the fake n_ggas, y'all ain't f_ckin' with me
That's the reason they ain't f_ckin' with me
(One time for the real n_ggas, who f_ckin' with me
Yeah they f_ckin' with me
Two times for the fake n_ggas, they ain't f_ckin' with me
That's the reason they ain't f_ckin' with me
Keep it movin')

[Ab-Soul (Wale):]
Now what's my name ho? (Soulo)
Pretty please, no photos
P.Y.T. my lady, Michael Jackson in the 80's
Moonwalkin' music legend, curly-headed Jay Z
Wale tell these n_ggas "Keep it movin'"

(And I do so, no complainin'
Perusin' in my zoomin' souped-out Coupe like I'm Bruce Wayne in here
No stains in this
No matter what handkerchief, they bang with us)

Pirus and Locs confusin' folks
They ain't got the brain for us
Be safe, my n_gga

(We all came from the same militia
Okay now things have picked up
Sh_t tough but I ain't gonna switch up
Trick nah, n_ggas keep females, givin' free Chanel like cable lifta'
F_ck all that label sh_t dawg
Wale you in a great position)

Soulo, Soulo in the cut and I don't give a f_ck like castration
Look deep inside yourself, I'm sure you'll feel my presence
I'm more spiritual than lyrical; that's my confession
One time for my real n_ggas
New colorful ass, hunnit dollar bill n_ggas

(Hugh Hefner doesn't have
This plethora of women to stab
And it's not a thing
I got more game than Mattel n_gga
Let me tell you n_ggas decent advice:
If you can book her, then I ain't read her right
Go see her tonight
Sh_t, I'll pay for your tele and get you a flight
I'll be damned, a b_tch is dreamy and I ain't give 'em no pipe)

Pipe dreams turn to overnight celebrities
I could walk on water, f_ck your phony seven seas
(P_ssy n_gga sellin' drugs)
When I'm out here sellin' syllables to silly seventeen year-olds
The greatest story never told

The flow, patent like my black 11's though
My fantasy is Angelina mixed with Mrs. Angelou
N_ggas trap all week to try and meet the status quo
It's like Home Depot clearance man it's cheap to let them hammers go
Bang, bang

Bang, bang, Chief Keef
Three hundred ways you can lay underneath yee
Six feet, what's that, three people?

(Yeah n_gga, sh_t's deep
Squeeze, squeeze
All my young G's bumpin' Lil Reese
Say on the top, it's just us, n_gga
You got Ciroc, it's alright, I know Puff, n_gga)

Bad Boy, Good luck, n_gga

(A couple women in here with no inhibitions would be clutch n_gga
If you real, are you f_ckin' with that?
I'm real Hip-Hop, is still runnin' the map
Keep it movin' huh)


[Intermission - Wale (Magazeen):]
Pour my liquor up, roll me a J
I'm in my zone, f_ck with me, real n_gga
Aye Magazeen
(Real n_gga say, yeah, yeah)
Hold that
It's that mothaf_ckin' groovy every blue moon tune-age
I want it to feel like some 90's sh_t now
Aye Mag get me with that 90's flow

I got morphine in the street, when we steppin' in here
Makin' money, spot the papa, but it neva enough
F_ck around and pass ti place, while ya just bite the dust
Real n_ggas

[Outro - Magazeen:]
Every blue moon, MMG, Wallaby, TDE
We keep it tweakin'
Life pon the Dashiki
Every Versace, take off the girls' dem panties
Lick her up, roll that J
I'm in my zone, f_ck with me
Real n_ggas

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