Mama Told Me - Wale

(Chorus) x2

Mama told me there'd be days like this

But I ain't never ever think there'd be a day like this (Naw!)

Not now not ever,

and now until forever you will never need another (N_gga!)


Sorry hiphop, it took me so long to get on

but so long that I'm on it, it's on!

I'm rappin' for the scholars and the hustla's, meanwhile

Showin' mama I ain't dropped out for nothin'!

I swear these dolla's gon' add up

And I ain't shallow, material things suppress bad luck

That's why I shine like I does, it's pain in my eyes

but these east saints blind you to look

Binded between, carryin' the flag for an area that drag,

whoever tried to gravitate

G told me it's a city full of crimes,

I'm feelin' like a platter at Philip's when I rap

As much as I wanted to be minisculed the fact is,

they'd only be happy with a minstrel actor

Sorry Mr. Charlie won't chap dance,

and f_ck the radio for tellin' me to snap jam

I'm just expectin' the spectator's respect here

My net is from jet setters to cab fares

Hip-hop's unbalances got out of hand

Ain't have to see-saw, I'm already scared

I been called the ???

And I DC'd this whole f_ckin' genre

And I ain't in it for them O's or them comma's

But more or less the hope for dope n_ggas to prosper



The future is now,

I lead on record's dedicaton for makin' better music is now

Dope n_ggas locked out 4 year rap drought

It's rainin' now somehow the fugitive's out

I would invest in a poncho,

'cause I ain't finna punch out like Glass Joe (Naw!)

Ima go until my arm's sore, f_ck it! I go until my 40 millionth encore

Hip-hop's dead yeah that's what Nas said to me

I guess that's hip-hop heads on salary

We've had the tables, on them record labels

Who's next to release? We guillotine them

N_ggas braggin' but everybody stagnant everybody broke

except the n_gga on the track (Sh_t!)

And mama why you throw away my drums?

A hundred for a deal they made a hundred on the song

N_gga I'm a hundred miles far, I'm feelin' Chris Childs

You lookin' like Kobe Bryant ya'll

It's lonely at the top so I waited, but ain't nobody take it

Now I'm playin' solitaire patient

Crucifix pieces, necklace with Jesus

See me as blasphemous for I don't need them

God give me strength, Allah give me patience

I am only a man and I don't know what to think


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