Prescription - Wale

Simply out of this world by choice

The world's too much for the soul to enjoy

I focus on the void and I fill it

Hopin' the depressed ain't give in and give up

So listeners give up your ears, it's your hero

From here on a heroin like high, I give off

Live off my lie and my lullaby

They itchin' for a new breath here's the calamine

And I refuse to camoflauge with other guys

You see my mind is amused of they head noddin'

I so got 'em, as hypnosis of hip-hop

'cause, when I talk they don't just watch

I make 'em feel it, the feelin's' unfamiliar

A rush of your adrenaline you can pick up a buildin'

You can become a killer, if properly scripted

The first one's free, next time I'll be billin' ya

Here go your prescription [x3]

Take your prescription

Don't let the pain getcha

I swear my lane will provide as a painkiller

A painkiller, a 16 of Percoset

Just let it chill Joe

That lil' burn that you feel, feel good don't it?

Just sit back and relax and take it easy

And let the beat play

Close your eyes, whoever uninspired

Pay me no mind, I put Adderol in y'all's

Riddle them with Ritalin, attention deficit

N_ggas start listenin', and what I'm givin' them

The drug that they brain need

Them n_ggas sick of hip-hop so they appointed me

And I invened but the IV inside of me

And ignorance was drug of choice but they OD'd

Couldn't alone leave 'em

I am the sole leader

The young soul that the OG's still believe in

And if you not convinced keep on promotin' them

I breathe life in the game, they are Kevorkian

They provokin' suicide but as soon as signed

I drew designs for consumer's minds so in time

I do it for all y'all, do it for all y'all

Don't gotta wait long

The doctor has arrived just be patient

Please, please

Here go your prescription [x3]

Take your prescription


See, they say one has to know the past to last in the present.

So I, bask in the weather while the presence of these laggers

lend me they rappin' to give gifts to my brethren.

My n_gga this is more than a vocal booth,

this is my, only truth, this is my risin' up.

So you can ask Black Thought if I know my Roots.

Sh_t, before you? uest my Love for this,

just know we would play Q-Tip in the Q before you knew T.I.P.

And before you knew T.I.P.

I was tippin' strippers properly to P_ssy Poppin'.

So, when you ask me "What you know about that? ",

ironically I'm askin' you the same question partna'.

I am hip-hop. Past, present and future.

I can rap on some old Primo, sound like the present

Sigo and make it feel like a sequal to the new me, b_tch.

I'm Wale, the prescription.

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