Polka Power! - Weird Al Yankovic

krabby, snubble, venonat,
mankey, chansey and zubat
slowking, ditto, b_tterfree,
lugia and caterpie
oddish, poliwag, goldeen, elekid and nidoqueen
victreebell and magneton - everybody polkamon

aerodactyl, seel, machoke,
marill, moltres, then slowpoke,
articuno, ditto, muk
flareon and ol'psyduck
cloyster, kingler, shellder, gloom,
snorlax and of course vileplume
zapdos and charmeleon - everybody polkamon

its time to polka
for ponyta and pidgey too
come on put on your lederhosen
and try not to stomp on little pikachu
youde better grab yourself a partner
like tentacruel or bulbasaur (bulbasaur)
hold on a minute - theres still at least a hundred and twenty seven more

including ledyba and omastar
jynx, bellosom and magmar
geodude and arcanine
jigglypuff and mr. mime
dont forget about sandslash
exeggucute and rapidash
lickitung and porygon - everybody polkamon

everybody polkamon
everybody polkamon

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