Can't Lose What You Never Had - Westlife

Baby You Re So Beautiful
And When I M Near You I Can T Breathe
A Girl Like You Gets Who She Wants
When She Wants It
You Re So Out Of My League
I Show You No Emotion
Don T Let You See What You Re Doin To Me
Imagine The Two Of Us Together
But I Ve Been Livin In Reality

Fear Of Rejection Kept My Love Inside
But Time Is Running Out So Damn My
Foolish Pride

Don T Care If You Think I M Crazy
Dosen T Matter If It Tums Out Bad
Cos I Ve Got No Fear Of Losin You
You Can T Lose What You Never Had

Rules Are Made For Breaking
Nothin Ventured Nothin Gained
I Ll Be No Worse Off Then I Am Right Now
And I Might Never Get The Chance Again

Tried To Fight It But It Cannot Be Denied
Told My Heart I Didn T Want You But I Lied


Now I M Gonna Confess Thati Love You
I Been Keepin It Inside Feelin I Could Die
Now If You Turn Away Then That S O K
At Least We Ll Have A Moment Before
You Say Good Bye

Here On The Outside Lookin In
Don T Wanna Stay Dreamin Bout
What Could Have Been
I Need To Hear You Speak My Name
Even If You Shoot Me Down In Flames

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