How Does It Feel - Westlife

True lovers never take it slowly
when they've found the one and only
nothing can replace this feeling
knowing someone loves you

It's painted with the pain and glory
taking from a known sad story
laying out my life before me
fearing the unknown

Sharing never showed me much appeal
and now I'm only praying it's for real

Chorus (*)
So how does it feel
when I hold you in my arms
and you're lying next to me
never wanting you to leave
until I'll tell you how it feels
to be cradled like my dreams
and to know that you love me
no more wasting time in asking other people
How does it feel

How does it feel

Forever taken you for granted
you give me everything I wanted
I'm so afraid that I might lose you
but time will let us see
If everything is real I'm feeling
well maybe we've been only dreaming
and if it's gonna die to save it
coz baby I believe
Nothing in the world could make it right
Coz baby loving you brings me to life

Chorus (*)

Woah, woah, woah

Nothing in the world could feel this right
Coz baby you're the best thing in my life

Chorus (*)

How does it feel

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