Written in the Stars - Westlife

Stay with me
don't fall asleep to soon
the angels can wait for moment
come real close
forget the world outside
tonight we're alone
it's finally you and I

It wasn't meant to feel like this
not without you

Cause when I look at my life
how the pieces fall into place
it just wasn't right without you
Whe I see how my path
seeme to end up before your face
the state of my heart
the place where we are
was written in the stars

Don't be afraid
I'll be right by your side
through th laughter and pain
together we're about to fly

I wasn't meant to love like this
not without you

Chorus (*)

I made a few mistakes, yeah
like sometimes we do
been trough lotta heartache (heartache)
but I made it back to you

Chorus (*) x 2

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