100 Bottles - Wiz Khalifa feat Problem

It's holiday season, b_tch
Whatup Jerm? It's Cabin Fever

[Hook: Wiz Khalifa]
Hundred bottles we poppin'
Probably won't even finish
Ya'll n_ggas just be talkin
My n_ggas really livin
P_ssy n_ggas be talkin
And we hittin them licks
Spending all of this money
Just to say that we did this sh_t
Just to say that we did this sh_t
Hundred bottles we poppin'
Ya'll n_ggas just be talkin
P_ssy n_ggas be talkin
Just to say that we did this sh_t

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
Hahaha, ooh
I made it in I hope I make it out
Just bought a pound, bout to bake it out
Put a hundred in bout to take it out
(Put a hundred in bout to take it out)
Goin down like mayday while I'm rollin up that K
Smoking you know I got that dope there's no two ways about it
Rolled up a car full of soldiers
Club owners know I'm bout it
N_ggas keep talkin' and hatin'
Ain't my birthday but I'm cakin'
Sayin' that we fam no relation
Ain't in that line that you wait in
Drinkin' my eyes like a Asian's
Smokin just like a Jamaican
Take all that time that you wastin'
Porsche 9/11, persuasions
You need that motivation
That big boat on location
Rollin' up that medication
Gettin' money conversations


[Verse 2: Problem]
You know you wanna hop up on this d_ck ho
Joint full of bomb, bout to explode
Molly got me on another zip-code
Takin' shot after shot, bout to get low
Ground pound with the wild out
Money talk I just dialed out
Fresh man, so styled out b_tch, don't you see this?
If you lookin for a genius?
Dirty money hit the cleaners
Gin got me leanin'? this time I'm heated
When I talk I really mean it
If I ain't done it I done seen it
B_tch we on you best believe it
Way to bring back the singles
Lame old shams though
If you ain't tryna ball what you playin' for?


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