Great to Be There (Outro) - Wiz Khalifa

Yea man
It's ya boy
Young Khalifa man
Wiz Khalifa
Whatever the f_ck you wanna call me
and uh, its '09, Star year, yea
So we gone do this like this
Taylor Gang
Heavy Hustle and all that
Uh Um

[VERSE 1:]
New Money, New Car, New Crib
And You Gone Need Luggage Cause This N_gga's A Trip
Need To Buyer, Frequent Flyer
Loose Chains with it, Need Some Pliers, Get A Grip
And Me Im On The Suppliers Sitting Wit
Got A Blunt Rolled
Keep Me A Dime Wit Sitting B_tch
Im Mr.Space, Sign N_ggas Like Elroy
And My Bills Big Face Like Hellboy
They Say Im Guaranteed To Blow Young Steroid
And I Get It Gone, My New Home Is The Airport
Wake Up In A New City And Stay
Party All Night, Then Go To Sleep On A Plane
And It's Mill To Ice Grillz
Saying All You Wants A Picture
But N_gga Im Tryna Chill
Lot Of Speculation Since A N_gga Signed A Deal
But For All Y'all That Hold Me Down For Real
I Wanna Thank Ya


[VERSE 2:]
I Ain't Make Your Front Page Or Your Top Ten
Im Not A Hipster Plus I Heard Rocks In
First Flight On The Way, But 'Til It Drops Then
Im Peroxiding The Cut, Getting It Popping
A New Year, Got A Couple Shows Locked In
Couple Of Important Folks Doing Some Talking
Im With The Stars And N_ggas Who Go Hard
Getting Chavo
N_ggas Duckin' From Rosado
Checking Battery Life Now, Charging My iPhone
I Do It Big, You Just The Sh_t In Your Time Zone
I Switch Those Like Clothes
Charm Like A Computer With A Virus Whos Mind Froze
I Get Alot Of Whole Hate, Whole Lot Of Hoes
Spend A Whole Lot Of Cake On A Prod Of Clothes
When You Mention My Name, They Ain't Gotta Know
This For Thinking They Ought Of Know
I Wanna Thank Ya


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