Never Been Part II - Wiz Khalifa feat Amber Rose, Rick Ross

[Wiz Khalifa - Verse 1]
Hundred thousand dollars, it may sound like it's a lot
Really it's not to me, now grab some of this weed and roll this pot
I had to speed up, cause all these n_ggas slow
I probably won't be up in there if I ain't got an O
Now I got my feet up cause I'm on top and n_ggas hoping that I stop
But I'm just smoking, living life like in the movies that I watch
In my Jacuzzi roll another doobie
See what's new what's on Netflix, order another movie
See I'm smoking the best sh_t
Ma'f_ckers ain't balling, so they're seeing the exit
I stay on my job so you can see I'm up next
Dawg I be going so hard, some say I'm needing some rest
Got so much smoke in my lungs, it ain't supposed to be on my chest
And n_ggas talk but don't even be on them jets
Man they don't even seeing them checks
But you can tell by how I spit it, n_gga I be getting dough
Take her all the places that she never been befo'

[Hook: Amber Rose]
(Don't give a f_ck about the)
Money, clothes, cars
I've never been, this far
And f_ck that other sh_t that n_ggas talking 'bout
I've never been, this high

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
I'm in my Grand Natty, smoking on that granddaddy
It got an odor like a motor running, fantastic
Never the minor things, I'm moving on to finer things
Yellow stone, diamond rings, Balmain designer jeans
Chanel frames, Louis scarves, moving like the mob
I'm getting money, so maybe baby come get a job
So f_ck them other b_tches, we onto other business
And f_ck them other n_ggas, we at them dollar figures
Versace chains, gold rollies, it's same game
Racked up, shawty, Rose bottles every day
Sipping that purple stuff, twisting the pretty leaf
Pull up in that Ferrari, this b_tch in disbelief
On the road to the riches, another crook in the castle
Only f_ck with my n_ggas, pray we all living lavish
I pray we all living so lavish
I pray we all living so lavish

[Hook: Amber Rose]

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