Number 16 - Wiz Khalifa

Gone, gone, gone..

[Verse 1]
I seen it coming
Yeah, I seen it coming
You do everything for these n_ggas
They treat you like you did nothing
But f_ck that, because all of this came from nothing
Now when I pull up, I ain't on top of my nig
I'm stuntin. Smoking something
Playing my newest sh_t, and you know its bumpin
You ain't used to it, you gon grow accustomed
N_ggas hate me cause they got no progression
All the realest n_ggas, they know and trust em
And plus, your money's slow as f_ck
I bet soon as I roll one up
That they gon know it's us
Before I pass it, hit it twice and I hold it
Trying to get my money to the point where I can't fold it

Going away...

[Verse 2]
I made it happen, I made it happen
And n_ggas got mad at me cause I did this sh_t all for rapping
Hear what they saying
They need no luck because I macked it
And now I got my own gang, n_gga
I'm the captain
You know me player, ballin n_gga and stackin
All the same with a passion
All cause I'm bringing racks in
Remember when all those n_ggas was passed em?
But now they still call me the main attraction
Some n_ggas want the power, I want respect
Some n_ggas want the fame, I want the check
I'm in Dubai wake up I'm in Tibet
Them n_ggas had it, man, it's sort of sad they...


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