Ridin Round - Wiz Khalifa feat Juicy J

Pulled up on some n_ggas stuntin
I had to hop out, show em' I was really 'bout that money
Heard he was, he was talkin, he ain't really want it
I'm from a place, you want a problem n_ggas? Get it jumpin
I mix some chronic up with hash up up in a joint I'm stuffin
Am jumpin my car, jumpin my car, to the floor I'm gunnin
And I'll be sh_tting since before I could afford the pluming
You n_ggas keep on talking classics, I got more that's coming
Order something uh

Yea I rode em all neighborhood
In all of Memphis
Walkers in brown
You know what, let's get it

Pushing through my city like I'm getting heavy on that dough
With a white girl with me in a 2 seater, white girl full of coke
Straight from Memphis 10, ain't no hater gon stop me
Juicy J, been paid, got a Phantom in my pockets

I'm high as f_ck, can't even see
N_gga f_ck your baby momma, that b_tch with me
Say I'm gonna get her high, she gon f_ck for free
Makes you look much better when you on your knees
Put her on the cabbage, I don't do the baggage
Smoking all this green, rocking all these karats
Ridin round, getting high and a bad habit
Make weed disappear, then you believe in magic

Ridin round ya hollaback
No words man
Try get some p_ssy tonight
Now the n_ggas still call my phone man
It's gon always be about cash
Good talk uhm
Ain't chasin no hoe man
Real talk
I'm on that paper chase
Ans when you n_ggas can do that sh_t you won't
But uh I got too much tied up
So, on that note
Ain't gon never stop making money
I know a lot of n_ggas be like damn
N_gga still at it
Told you n_ggas
There will always be cash
And always drugs
Strip clubs that'll never close
So yall n_gga know what it is

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