Skit 2 - Wiz Khalifa

Yeaaheaa, It's ya boy Mr. Easy Rider
Right here on the easy hour
With a lil Kush and Orange Juice
For you to wake and bake to
You know how we do yall
And we rocking with nothing but the best
No Stress
It's my n_gga Young Wiz Khalifa yall
Now we been doing our thing for years now, you know how we get down
I need yall to call up
Roll up
Get high to the sky
Lets hear from one of our callers, caller whats ya name and where ya from?

[Caller 1:]
Aye whats happening baby
This ya man Long Longs Lee and im calling from the short side of the bridge baby

[Mr. Easy Rider:]
Digg, and what you waking and bake to?

[Caller 1:]
Man, I got a glass of that OJ and a plane of that kush waiting for me

[Mr. Easy Rider:]
Matter fact, we gone get to another caller
This sh_t feel so good
And I got me a curly head red b_tch rolling up doobies as we speak
We don't smoke blunts yall
Caller whats ya name and where ya from?

[Caller 2:]
What up doe, This Crazy Coop from Michigan, man let me get a blunt worth of that good sh_t you got there

[Mr. Easy Rider:]
Oh F_ck you brah, you ain't tryna get high

[Caller 2:]
That ain't cool man

[Mr. Easy Rider:]
Ima bring yall some new sh_t
Off that Kush and Orange Juice
From my man, Young Wiz Khalifa
Taylor Gang I see yall

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