Take Away - Wiz Khalifa

Yeah b_tch! Haha
That's what I like to call...
My type of sh_t!

[Verse 1]
Yeah, forward progression n_ggas got it backwards
I'm relevant but nothing like you other rappers
You see I f_ck with trap n_ggas because really, I'm the only one rappin'
Get it how you live, survival of the fittest you should know the code
All I got is what I give until they overload
N_gga, I'm the sh_t overflowed
And I grab a blunt split it like a chromosome
Uh, I'll have it where you're b_tch ain't phonin' home
We done blown the whole oak gettin' our stoner on
Ain't gotta say sh_t, I know you don't
See my chain, make the same face from Home Alone
All this good weed that I'm puffin' got me feelin' like there ain't a place I can't go
Ain't a thing I won't do
And I'm awake so I guess my dream's come true

And the game gave me a feeling that no one can take away from me
I said no one can take away from me
On the road doin' shows oh no one can take away from me
I get a feelin' that no... one... can take away

[Verse 2]
Down to take a trip my n_gga what's the ticket hittin' for?
I got some hoes that wanna roll too (Haha)
And if you wanna see what it's like to be just the team, and tired of the background so you make your own scene
I'll hit you up when I roll through
Yeah, California weed keep ya pissed off in your mind state
Hard to get it on it so my n_ggas boost the crime rate
It's obvious I'm ghetto so they love me like I'm Kid Rock
Try your luck with what's around my neck and get ya wig chopped
F_ckin' with I can get you so much cash, or nowhere fast
I got your b_tch in awe, she never flown first class
Or had the driver get her bags


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