Visions - Wiz Khalifa

Life.... Looking out the window. Kush and Orange Juice N_gga
You Might want uh burn one to this.

[Verse 1]
You couldn't walk a mile in these 11 in a halfs even if you had a chance.
Visions of this cash followed with the thought of the b_tch thats chilling at my pad.
Its all part of the plan.
To come through get high as I can, party, hit the studio jet lagged.
Packing my over night carry on, we dont check bags.
Old folks are proud to see I'm young and I Louied up to my eyes.
True story word to the wise dont let these labels gas you up to be somethin.
Get yo paper never trust em.
Watch the n_ggas you run with.
I done seen n_ggas who had all they dreams f_cked over, over some dumb sh_t.
& make no assumptions hotel owners saying the odors to pungent blame it on the reefer consumption.
The difference between you guys is you lie & we live it.
In the sky so pay us a visit.
Bet yo b_tch be trying to kick it.

[Wiz Talking]
What you aint you trying to eat n_gga.
COME ON, f_ck is you waiting for.
N_gga time just sitting around man. COME ON.
Everything was all good. Now sh_t real.

[Verse 2]
Soon as I enter the room its red carpets and b_tches with pretty smelling perfume.
Smoking cigars sh_t was fool.
Now you roll hella doobs and anticipate that how fly tune.
S_cker sh_t we just cant excuse
Steady trying to duplicate but they aint us.
Got b_tches dissing they lame ass n_ggas pot head kids rolling they dank up.
Paparazzi taking pictures we famous
Held my city down like a anchor.
Now its champagne we drink.
Non-smoking room we just ashen em in the sink.
I love her attitude she love tracing my ink.
I get up in the wind. Leave her with something to ease stress.
The best not just regular visions.
Let you get a glimpse of how I'm living, HD
Young Khalifa gettin to the money safe key.

[Wiz Talking]
Matter fact hit this.
You cold n_gga I got a coat in the trunk.
Come on man leave that bullsh_t alone man.
Its over for that.
Put this coat on.

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