Avoid The Light - Word As A Virus

This is the testimony exhumed from my being. She is the world. Feeling the soles of my feet lift in your presence
and my heart skipping not one but two beats when we kissed. My fa?ade crumbles endearing pieces into an ocean
of lost emotion. Finding again what has brought me my inspiration. I call out, ?Tonight we?ll touch the stars.? She
replied somewhat muffled by the waves, ?My love, I long to hold your hands. To feel your arms around my soul.?
Thus we began.
Stood out amongst the crashing of water, a divine force reaches and grabs my arms. ?This is what we have waited
our lives for.? Somewhat shaken by it all, her smile instantly heals the barrage of damage brought forth on me.
I am hers. I am her shield.
She is his saving grace. The blood that pumps through his heart.
Never has destiny revealed herself to me like it did that day.
To every piece, there is its match. To every sun there is its moon. To every soul, an angel.
You save my life.

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