I Will - Worlds Apart

I watch the moonlight, baby down on you tonight and as you're sleeping, I am
Just to steal this moment just to make it mine I'll keep every dream hold inside

* You touch my soul with the love, I have never known it's the flame that will
always burn

** Whatever you ask me to sacrifice for you I wil, I will, I will
I will always be there for you be forever true I will, I will, I will
(Until time stand still I will)

I will only have to stop the hands of time from turning to spend my life just lying
here with you
Thought I know how to love but now we're last on learning
Though much more before this night is through

I feel this love grow stronger with every breath of beat every beat of my heart

[Repeat **]

I steal the stars away and I'll stop the drivin' middle rain to be with you
every step of the way
When I look into your eyes I see my only desire

[Repeat * , ** , **] till fade

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