Hit & Run (Part II) - Xzibit

[Hightower:] Baby, do me a favor, call up Xzibit for me.
[Xzibit:] Allo?
[Girl:] Hello, Xzibit?
[Xzibit:] Yeah, yeah, what's up?
[Girl:] Hold on one second ok?
[Xzibit:] Alright
[Hightower:] Xzibit?
[Xzibit:] Hey, what's up?
[Hightower:] It's Ron, Hightower.
[Xzibit:] Ah, what's up dude, what's goin' down?
[Hightower:] Eh n_gga, it ain't nothin' but a party!
[Xzbibit:] Yoo! sh_t it's goin' down?
[Hightower:] Hey, let me tell you something.
I got some ladies over here, you know...
[Girl:] Hi Xzibit!
[Xzibit:] What's up?
[Hightower:] He he, see what I'm saying.
They were just trying, you know, to tell you hello and sh_t
But listen why don't you do this
When you're done over there, why don't you come here and sh_t
You know what I'm saying?
That way they can tell you hello on person
[Xzibit:] Ah alrihgt, you want me to bring you somethin'
[Hightower:] Hey, bring yourself, I'm sure they can handle the rest
You know what I mean?
[Xzibit:] Yeah yeah, alright, I'll be over there in a minute.
[Hightower:] Peace!
[Xzibit:] Alright

[Verse One:]

It's a lazy Sunday night
Xzibit posted at the lab
Gettin' high as a kite
Proceed to rolll the light
It's real tight
In a paper Philly Blunts I don't need
It might f_ck off the taste
Of this bomb ass weed
My n_gga Tango and Breeze
Came thru we blaze a few
Together bored as f_ck
N_ggas down for whatever
Break left from the bomb
Phone call from Ron Hightower
Shower at his crib in a hour
All the women involved drop drawers
Don't say nothin'
Just a lota nuttin'
F_ckin' plus d_ck s_ckin'
Goddamn who was that?
Half black with the fat ass
Too much to ask if you can put them on the glass
(For me)
My name's Xzibit
I aint' tryin' to spit game
Just tell me your name
And the proportions of your frame
That's right
Xzibit now has it poppin' on Sunday night

[Chorus: (2x)]
I don't wanna save 'em
Pay em' or buy clothes
All we really wanna do
Is try to f_ck these hoes

[Verse Two:]

[Rass Kass:]
You knew the game
And you still ended up on your back...

B_tches get laid like tracks
Break it down like that
With stacks of profilactics
Got ill tactics just to get you on the matress like yo
[girl moaning in background]
With minimal conversation
No time wastin'
Only hard penetration
Gettin' shiners on recliners
Cummin' in your faces
Stop! Get on top
I take your mind different places
Won't be satisfied till I hit every race
Color and creed in deed
All I need is weed a fly steez
Who ain't afraid to take the lead
A little dirt on your knees
Looked over saw Breeze
Laid out on the couch about to let it all out
N_gga that's the kinda sh_t that I'm talkin' about

[Chorus: (4x)]
I don't wanna save em'
Pay em' or buy clothes
All we really wanna do
Is try to f_ck these hoes

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