Invade My Space - Xzibit feat Jelly Roll

[Intro: Jelly Roll]
This, cannot continue
We must go, our sep-arate waaaaays
Without youuuuu, I can do betterrrrr
But first these words, I have, to, saaaaay
It's nooooot, that I don't hear youuuuu
When you scream, and curse, my, naaaaame
It's juuuuust that I, don't feeeeeeel you
N_gga you, invade, my spaaaaaaace

Blacked out, tatted up, let's go, saddle up
I'm alge-ballin, dumb n_ggaz cain't add it up
Cock back, back 'em up, f_ck what you throwin up (yeah)
All these rappers comin out, ain't nobody showin up
Man, where your talent at? Show me where your balance at
You the king of the streets? Well I ain't heard none of that
Just like the South say, watch what your mouth say
Frank Sinatra hustle, Rat Pack, +Did it My Way+
I know we don't see eye to eye, you ain't never lied
We should part ways 'fore somebody catch a homicide
Recognize, lost of a lot of love when my momma died
Did a gang of shhhhit, I'm surprised that I'm still alive
Fishburn yellin wake up, open up my eyes
Don't believe them lies from them guys that you idolize
Ridicule, try to downplay, try to minimize
And criticize when you on your grind so I realized

[Chorus: Jelly Roll]
This cannot continue, we must go our separate waaaaays
Without you I'll do better, but first these words I have to saaaaay
It's not that I don't hear you, when you scream and curse my naaaaame
It's just that I don't feel you, n_gga you invadin my spaaaaace

Go ahead spit it out, that's right, get it out
So I can respond, n_gga F_CK what you talk about
Drop like a guillotine, money over everything
seems to be the theme in the land of the Philistine
Mentally you still shackled up on some lame sh_t
Side by side on the bottom of a slave ship
Came a long way from the place that I started from
Ever seen a man's last breath beaten out of him?
Hate manifest from the inside out
The sh_t starts in your heart then spill out your mouth
I'm the odd man out, watch it all pan out
I see you tryin to stand up but you don't stand out (ha ha ha!)
Now that I found that my path is original
Prepared, never scared, had to peak at my pinnacle (yeah)
I'm not like you, but you think we identical
It's pitiful, you can never bang with the criminal


Three wheels lock it up, ammo stock it up
It's not for n_ggaz cause George Bush comin after us
That's why it's time to roll, get where I gotta go
All my people fightin for they soul, you are not alone
Never waste my pearls on the swine and the ignorant
Forever on my grind, you despise and belittle it
Here's a little tidbit, X rock that real sh_t
Dump like a L.A.P.D. cop, over kill sh_t
Hooked on a brand new high called monopolize
Put you on track where you just, you was out of line
And I ain't got the time to f_ck around with the dumb sh_t
You know that young sh_t, the "Hey n_gga where you from" sh_t
Even though the pistol in my hand, I'm a businessman
People grow apart, don't expect you to understand
Let's part ways and, then pray for better days
I realize somebody 'bout to die, so I came to SAY


[Xzibit] + (Jelly Roll)
Yeah, knowhatI'msayin? (you invadin my spaaaaace)
Yeah, stop askin where the f_ck I'm at
Yeah (n_gga you invadin my spaaaaace)
Tryin to see where I'm at, tryin to be where I'm at all the f_ckin time
C'mon (you invadin my spaaaaace)
Get a life n_gga, heheheh
I got mines, know'mtalkinbout? (n_gga you invadin my spaaaaace)

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