Ram Part Division - Xzibit

[Chorus- Xzibit]
I'm the police, I'm the police
I'm the police, I'm the police

[Verse 1-Xzibit]
I love my f_cking rob, and I don't want to stop
Ever since I was a child, I wanted to be a cop
You know protect and serve, a couple traffic stops
I make a bust, and take something out the top
A thin blue line, we run these streets
You bang on them, but never bang on me
I cell search, stepping on pillows and sheets
I'm the police, treat a n_gga just like fresh meat
I got a short wick, on some New York sh_t
Take you to the precinct and f_ck you with a broomstick
I patrol your hood, put you on my hood
Leave you in the wrong hood, got it understood
PC 647b, that's a prostitute, plus she kind of cute
She don't want to jail, well b_tch I'll tell you what
Get on your muthaf_ckin' knees, s_ck my partner up

I'm the police, I'm the police
I'm the police, I'm the police

[Verse 2- Xzibit]
You know a couple of muthaf_ckas was giving us grief
Pulled a couple strings, dodge the media beef
Ever since them n_ggaz in black said "F_ck the police"
I been grinding on the back of my teeth, loading my piece
Waiting for some, get back like it or not
We investigated the shots, that killed Biggie and Pac
Ever wonder why nobody ever figured it out
Cause we the ones that got to figure it out
I shout freeze at the top of my lungs
I'm the cream of the crop
You don't stop you get popped by my warning shots
And if you try to come back, with a civil suit
I sit back and watch my system take a sh_t on you

Order in the court, Order in the court
That muthaf_cka shot me, case dismissed
Ha Ha Ha Ha, police
I'm the police

[Verse 3- Xzibit]
You see this f_ckin' badge, you see these f_ckin' lights
I'm in your neighborhood rolling on you every night
You faggots run and duck, look at you scared as f_ck
You see me coming in your mirror n_ggaz straighten up
Turn that hat around, I'm here to take you down
Hey partner look at these weapons and this coke I found
I'm going to let it slide, show you who you can trust
And if you want to keep selling, n_gga you sell for us
Make you a 1030, I'll get you hands dirty
Murder for hire, professional liar
I plan to make police chief and then retire
I remember when you set your own hood on fire
I reinforce the freeways, to bring the tanks
So the next time y'all trip, f_ck bloods and crips
Cause we the biggest gang in L.A.
Ramp Part, f_ck with us, get blown away

I'm the police, I'm the police
I'm the police, I'm the police

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