Scandalous Bitches - Xzibit

She was a brown skin ebony honey that love hip-hop
Cut off tank-top, she make your whole face drop
Hotbox, like it or not, she don't care what I got
She got her own knot dealin' in stocks
And in the backwoods she plans to dust me off
S_ck me off, and then say I must be off
Tryin' to smoke with X, the Cali kush was makin' her cough
She must hate wearin' her clothes, she keeps takin 'em off
At the Palms Hotel on a friday night
Attack each other like animals 'til the sky turn bright
Make it a - night to remember, she went tellin' her sista
Then her sista turned around and told the sh_t to Melissa
Then Melissa got my number, started sendin' me pictures
in all type of different positions, man this b_tch on a mission
Listen, a man is a man, gon' handle his business
I ain't a bad guy, just dealin' with scandalous b_tches
I remember when Xzibit used to push in a Caddy
I met this chick from the Valley, she said she wanted me badly
Now this is common in Cali because the homies is savy
B_tches be givin' money to n_ggaz and callin 'em Daddy
She in a brand-new Lexus, just moved from Texas
She came to California to model and be that next b_tch
Takin' naked pictures tryin' to gain more acceptance
Maybe get some jobs, try to politic some connections
I said appreciate for X to the Z
My homie picked through my trash instead of talkin' to me
He fell in love with her ass, and while she casin' his place
Tryin' to tell another n_gga what he got up in his safe
About the big hundred stacks and them bricks to match
Forever watchin' his back, therefore he never relax
And when her n_gga attack, he got a slug in his britches
He ain't a bad guy, just dealin' with scandalous b_tches
I met this girl from the 'Natti, I got along with her daddy
I made it up in my mind this is the girl I'ma marry
Now when you wanna get married the preparation is scary
You want your weight to get carried, you want your skeletons buried
She moved out to California next to me in a hurry
Her reputation was dirty, but yo that didn't disturb me
I want to stop the insanity, try to have me a family
Started checkin' my phone and brought her back to reality
Left her ring on the dresser, adios motherf_cker
I'm travelin' home from the road, I hear she f_ckin' with Usher
Now Usher don't even know me but I got love for the homie
Even though everybody around me be thinkin' he corny
She denied everything, said the rumors was phony
On the phone cryin', she love me, said she wanted to hold me
("Yo he ain't sh_t to me Alvin, I was just into his album
That was some bullsh_t, I'm sorry, I'm better without him")
So I'm off to Miami, got invited to party
by Mr. Raymond himself, yo I ain't hatin' nobody
Now when we walk in the party, yep, guess who I see
Lyin' b_tch said she was callin' from N.Y.C.
He started wipin' the sweat off of her face and her chest
And then she gave him a peck, and then she looked to the left
And when she seen it was X, she started cryin' and trippin'
And dude was lookin' confused, the scene it couldn't be written
Now he just pluckin' his chickens, I ain't gon' sock him or diss him
I'm from the West Coast, where n_ggaz don't be fightin' for b_tches
A little over-dramatic, in Rome I called him a faggot
in front of millions of people, funny but shouldn't have done that
I was makin' a joke, I didn't mean to offend
Like when I introduced Destiny's Child as Boyz II Men
Listen, a man is a man, gon' handle his business
I ain't a bad guy, just dealin' with scandalous b_tches

"X, you ever get tired of um, motherf_ckers talkin' to you about Pimp My Ride?"

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