Spit Shine - Xzibit

I 'ma clean this whole sh_t out like climax,with words put togeather better then sony electronics,king of the jungle, humbly stay honest,eat with the lions, swim with peranas,gassoline the scene, strike the match,inferno, I'm to throue n_gga, so stand back,I spit shine, get mine and rip rhymeand make my career take a incline,I'm strick with knives, straight with razors,good with grenades and great with gadges, (yeah)been around the world on a million stages,watch n_gga's b_tch up and go through changes,I had gun's before guns was in fashion,I mashed out before n_ggas knew mashin,I knew terror before the plane started crashin,I got punch lines and n_gga's aint laughin...

I'm gon be here after the smoke dye down,Insomnia style I won't lye down,fight the good fight don't need no help,keep your hands up defend yourself,move like I move and live lifelong ,can't move up if your hearts not strong,get your own sh_t cause this sh_t's mine,every time I spit, I shine

cock-s_cker I preach what I practise,back sh_t up, wrap this, rap sh_t up,still actin up, get found in the trunk of an Acuva,yall s_ck like jail in dracula,X turn up the heat, increase the hatred,straight stone face don't f_ck with gay sh_t,so i guess that means I cant f_ck with you now,drew down, let off, facate to new town,you feel like bishop, induced now,gotta flame thrower that will burngreat holes till you goose down, (yeah)rough sound, same strong background,bent on black the big boys playin tips down,my whole train of thought is the party,any motherf_cker with problems and not get caught,I was blessed with life when I cursed to death,I'm a spit till my very last breath...(f_ck yall)


Let me get a three second look, I hit a million dollar target,You ain't came up yet well n_gga' let me show ya, (aaaa)Come across dope like planes and boats,Like baloons filled with coke, down a mexican's throat,you ever seen a man get smoked and sh_t on himself,the body shake for a second, then it can't stop a second,the evidence are the weapon and the people involved,let one n_gga talk, everybody gettin caught, for sure,I say that, to say this,if you cant handle the time then ride the beach,might as well touch your tail and jump the fence,castrate yourself expose the b_tch,X go head up, the f_ck never ran from it,I got engadged with buck shots that you can't stomach,You ain't a killer you a album filler,You ain't a soldier you a rap premoter,Game over...


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