Boyz N' Da Hood - Yo Gotti

Woke up quick at about noon, big strap gotta be in North Memphis soon
Aw, there go my sh_t n_gga

Hey!, Boyz in da hood is always hard
North Memphis come around you gone get robbed
Was the first young n_gga with a 50 pack hard
Serving drugs and running back and fourth to cars
N_ggas playing games then gone get shot, (bang)
Tell LA Reid when my new sh_t drop
If ion go platinum then I'm callin' my plug (hello)
Cause ion like rappin' rather be sellin' drugs
Free Bobby Shmurda and the GS9 (my n_ggas)
I feel like its my job to get these street n_ggas signed
I feel like its my job to tell these n_ggas the facts
15, 20 million dollars no plats
Cruisin' down the street in my new lambo
Bad b_tch big p_ssy that's my MO (gotti)
If you run up on this car
I'll send ya to god (blat blat)
Truth is none of these rappers are hard
And everybody gangsta when they come to ya city
Always calling n_ggas hold em' down in your city
I'm always with the gangstas when I come to ya city
You say you run the town but you never in the city
Ion. Ion give a f_ck when they come to my city (Memphis)
North its the King ima give ya the business (bang)
Pride to the side boy I'm still on a mission
Hanging out the window lat lat till I get it
Rappers in the game is fake as hell
I done seen n_ggas lie make up stories to sell
I done seen real n_ggas stay real and fail
Tell they stories through music and end up in jail (damn)
Ian signed to no label
I'm signed to myself
So if my album come out late
I'm finding myself
No money or ya head or ill down ya myself
Why clown a n_gga when he clowning his self?
Streets miss Eazy and NWA
Old school Chevy bumping beats by Dre
CMG the label we was built off Yay
On that Ice Cube today was a good day
Boyz In the hood are always hard
Come with that high price you gone get robbed
Know nothing in life but to be legit
Don't quote me boy cause I ain't said SH_T!

Art Of Hustle yeah, yeah [x3]
RIP to Eazy

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