Breakaman - Yo Gotti feat Nakia Shine

Nope, It ain't happening, not over here. You ain't finna get a fast
motherf_cking come up over here shawty. HELL NAW!!

[Verse 1: Yo Gotti]
Shawty was so real back in '96
Before the big life all the ice and all the bricks
Was small time grindin', high school rhymin'
Just broke up with my b_tch so it was like perfect timing
She wouldn't a dime piece, she wouldn't a nine piece
But bout a six or a seven but was real sweet

But she was gangsta in other words thugged-out
But she was trafficing and manufacturin' drugs out
She was a little older she was a little bolder
Than all my other hoes, she drove a blue Corolla
We used to walk to class, I used to hold her folder
You know that in-between green sh_t to win her over
But f_ck it, I'm a soldier, by now she should've noticed
That ya boy gone spit vocals or gone sell yola
She had nice goals future thought-out with a plan
But let me tell you how this b_tch was trying to break a man

Tryin', tryin', to break a man
I don't understand

[Verse 2: Yo Gotti]
I told you she was real, at least I thought she was
I f_cked with her for years, but that was just because
The situation seemed like it was meant to be
Until the money came I thought we was the perfect team
I worked a little harder, yes, i was like my father
All through the rain, sleet, and snow like it was no tomorrow
I had to stack my dollars, real n_ggaz do real things like the lifetime in
volume 1 of Sean Carter
I started flippin' cars, she started flippin' out
I tried to figure out what the f_ck she b_tchin' bout
She go a little crazy, she got a little lazy
No more with future plans and goals she only talkin babies
I''m only talkin maybe
She constantly talkin' give me
Don't wanna hustle don't wanna work, I guess she out to get me
My money won't decrease by any circumstance
I ain't gone give you sh_t, you ain't gone break a man


[Verse 3: Nakia Shine]
Now we didn't have a pot to piss in
Shawty that's when you would listen
My down ass Memphis b_tch, just playin yo postion
This before you had my son, this before I had a name
This before i copped the deal, this before I let it WANG
Told you was my plan was to try to come up on some change
Do my music out of town, i got to hoppin' on the planes
All the time away from home, sh_t you wasn't in my trust
While I'm out of town Rap Hustlin', doing this sh_t for us
All of a sudden you need some space, so I let you breathe
Went and got yo own place, and I was wrong for lettin' you leave?
Now I'm back to f_ckin' n_ggaz hoes, back to f_ckin' b_tched friends
Seen the spot I'm livin' in, got mad when I went and got the Benz
Now you want some dividends, now you wanna go to court
I give Nick everything he need, why you filing child support?
Left me, and now you hurt cause you ain't in my plans
You got me f_cked up shawty and you tryin' to Break a man (DAMN)

[Chorus til end]

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