Cold Game - Yo Gotti

[Yo Gotti:]
Hustlas And Gangstas Dont You Pout Block Burna's Keep The Work In The Drought Keep You A Big Gun To Hold You Down And Deal With A N_gga If He Snitch You Out

[Chours: x2]
Its A Cold Game (Cold Game),N_ggas Change (N_ggas Change) Get Popped Get Popped Give Names(Give Names),Cut Deals (Cut Deals)Be For Real(Be For Real)Still Gon Do Time Why You Runnin Yo Lip

[Verse 1:]
Lil Daddy Let Me Stop You In Yo Motha F_ckin Tracks Whoppin And Hollin Loud Foul Talkin Bout Some Crack Clown Ass N_gga Tryin To Have Me Down Bad In A Cell Talkin Bout Some Sh_t I Use To Have But I Tryin To Go That Rout Just Cause It A Drisout And I Can Charge You A Lil Mo Cause Yo Homeboy Just Ran Perfect Setup For Me To Get My Ass Batted First Time Buyer Was Wired When He Came At It Greety N_ggas Dont Last Think Fast And You'll Lose Study Yo Grind Take Yo Time Move Smooth Keep You A 9 Cause N_ggas Just Might Pull A Move Dont F_ck With That Hard Cause That'll Bat That Ass To Personally Dawg This Sh_t Right Here From Me To You You Find It Ready 9 Out Of 10 Its Thats ? That Bull Sh_t You Know What I Mean Now N_gga Thats Water Wippin Microwave ? In Da Kitchen

[Chours x2]

[Verse 2:]
I Ain't Gon Say No Names But I'm Tell You Bout This Insident Undercover Informent Tryin To Play Innocent Hot Box N_gga You Know Powin All Kinda Sh_t Crack,Pills,Powder,And Guns All Kinda Sh_t 15 To 25 Years What He Was Facin Did Bout A Month In A Half Out On Probation Got A Lac Ext 22 Datons Say He Had Them Thangs Fo The Low And N_ggas Was Hatin Knew Somethin Wasn't Right Bout This N_gga I Was Just Waitin Game Gon Reconize Game This N_gga Fakin My Homie Want A Shot With This N_gga Told'em You Crazy In ??????? Hene Get You Started In Da Game Out Here Free Lancin Takin Chances Shoppin With Everybody And They Mammy But He Didnt Listen Do Now He In Mason I Knew Somethin Wasn't Right Bout That N_gga I Was Just Waitin


[Verse 3:]
My N_gga Went To The Feds Bout Some Sh_t A N_gga Said Criminals Catchin Criminals Main Thats How They Play It Inditement Time When Them Folks Come To Yo Do Is Yo Go Nut Up Like A Ho Tell On Yo Folk Give'em A Blueprint On Every N_gga In Yo Click All Dem Ride-Or-Die N_ggas Who Helped You Pay Yo Rent If So Then You A B_tch A Disgrace To The Game Snitch,Rat,Tatel Tell All Thats The Same Bang N_gga Need To Put A Hole On His Brain Let Cha Start Leakin Blood To Soka Up You N_ggas Name Main Guess Thats Why I Bought A Pad And A Pen Caus E F_ckin With You N_ggas In Da Streets I Won't Win

[Chours: Till Song Fades Out]

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