Concealed - Yo Gotti

[Verse 1:]
They cooperating with the state, the case concealed
Remember Rico, from cm5 sh_t revealing
Jook ran off on the plug, damn near got me killed
But that's my brother so f_ck em, ya know what it is
Hunnid choppers in the spot, look like Taliban
A hunnid n_ggas already killed, ya know what I'm saying
They tried to shut the hood down, we ain't going though
I been to prison, stressing lately, so I'm blowing dough
N_gga hurting in the hood, trying to give em hope
B_tches tryna throw me p_ssy, I tell em no
I'm a million dollar n_gga, don't excite a n_gga
B_tch if I go to jail today, would you write a n_gga

Keep the game concealed
I'm tryna tell em how it is
Like Migos Bout my M&m's
B_tches jocking, n_ggas hatin, ya know what it is

[Verse 2:]
Don't give no money to no hoes
Won't put money on yo books
I told epic I'm bout money, I don't give a f_ck about no looks
I don't give a f_ck about no b_tches, and they feelings
F_ck about no n_ggas, telling me I'm not real cause I'm winning
Give a f_ck about no penitentiary no consequence
P_ssy n_ggas, I'm diving in it
Give a f_ck about no gossip, no rumors, won't respond
All this and that, and back and fourth
All this social gangsta you on
Give a f_ck about no bodies, or no murders or no guns
Give a f_ck about no stripper b_tches, even though I throw ones


[Verse 3:]
Free C Murda
R.I.P to Soulja Slim, n_gga
If ya got a minute in jail, go and see him n_gga
Money order, send a picture, that mean ya f_cking with em
It's only right if ya hold it down, then ya was thuggin' with em
Whenever you see me, you see the sad faces
My n_gga go to jail, we got the same case
Read between the lines, b_tch I'm riding for em
I'm a rapper and security b_tch I'm fighting for em
My n_ggas do a big, I hold it down for em
And if the ho a hunnid, I make the time for it
Don't do no talking, straight out the muscle
I'm a keep a lot of sh_t concealed, til the art of hustle

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