Fuck Em - Yo Gotti

Label told me not to drop a tape, f_ck 'em
P.O. told me not to leave the state, f_ck 'em
F_ck 'em
F_ck 'em

[Verse 1:]
Young n_gga, you got it now, you're doin' fine
Your dawg down, front him an ounce, I can see you tryin'
I respect your grind
252, I respect the 9
And I know 9 n_ggas jailin', 3 of them tellin'
I got 9 n_ggas with me, 8 of them are felons
9 fresh off the slab
Tell 'em f_ck it, gon' front you the whole half
P_ssy cat n_ggas, they got 9 lives
So I'm a try to kill 'em 9 times
Shout out to n_ggas on the block and the b_tches in beauty shops
With rollers in their head, their n_ggas off in the fed
Collectin' every calls, send pictures and writin' letters
And makin' every visit, y'all the realest b_tches ever, 100, 100

See n_ggas don't get it, my n_gga, like, n_ggas talkin' 'bout they want a bad b_tch, say a street n_gga need a real b_tch, you know what I'm sayin'? Ho you gon' go through somethin', n_gga took you on 9 trips to 9 countries, ran through 9 hundred thou. And a n_gga locked up for 9 days and a b_tch gone. Damn

[Verse 2:]
These b_tches temporary, my hustle necessary
One thing about me in a whole, I ain't ever weary
99 problems, 1 issue them folks'll lend you
You own the court and you ball and them feds'll come and get you
Forreal, indite you, 25 life you, forreal
My homie told me not to cross the plug, but f_ck him
We're down bad, I told him what it was, so f_ck it
F_ck 'em
F_ck 'em
My album drop, it may not sell a record, but f_ck it
Kill a n_gga, make them hoes respect it, f_ck it
F_ck it
F_ck it

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