I'm a Thug - Yo Gotti feat D'Nero

Im a gangsta(gangsta)
You a actress(actress)
You be dreamin(dreamin)
I make it happen(make it happen)
I aint a g I aint a crip I aint a blood
But i be f_ckin with them n_ggas im a thug x2

I got respect
I came from the streets
If a n_gga didnt hustle then a n_gga didnt eat homie(homie)
And aint nan n_gga took nuttin
Playin with me money
make ya mami go and book somethin
a fruit of a for that b_tch ass n_gga
ole d_ck in a booty slitch nich ass n_gga(look) a couple n_ggas got fronted
took to long with me money
send them youngstas to that dumpin b_tch
and i got soljas on my team
that will die for the i to tha e
the feds want me bad because they know i got them killa n_ggas out tha north
if Gotti get tha word they'll take them n_ggas off
and kids wanna be just like me
systems tryna dig cause some sh_t wan indict me
I sold hella keys made hella cheese
and all my n_ggas what convicted felonies cuz a

[chorus x2]

you wanna beef with c'mon lets go get em man
f_ck talkin im tryna be the first one to hit em man
my patience little man
dont take alot of bullets man
drop em where the stand with one squeeze u dont understand
this a hard knock of life for n_ggas
take a pentatentery chance throwin bricks to prison
and i aint talkin bout no polka
but i watch n_ggas fold
f_ck them other n_ggas cuz them other n_ggas hoes
them n_ggas hoes thats the verdict case closed
aint sh_t like they say
we da streets we know
7 out of 10 of dem n_ggas who talkin gangsta need a g replaced with the w cuz they wankstas(aint cha)
and i guess we like the black sheep
we live where we speak
so we neva talk cheap
these n_ggas vegetarians dont wanna see no beef
when it come they want peace
but me i want a piece cuz

[chorus x2]

back in 95
got a pick da side
with them big guys
they seen it in my eyes
they had a lot of pies
money to the vibe
i knew no betta but whateva i was down to ride
and neva asked about tha sh_t dat they owe me
just did wat they showed me
or did what they told me
the littlest n_gga with tha biggest f_ckin
balls i was down for tha motha f_ckin cause
now i must say today im a rich cred veteran
shot alot of n_ggas cuz i sold a lot of medicine
did a lot of sh_t that you may think irrelavent
i masked on them rappers cuz they play with my intelligence
they had white when the price was cheapa
they hate the mel row
and now my brothers keepa
alot of n_ggas may not think the same
cuz they lame
they just rap they wasnt in tha game get it

[chorus x2]

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