I Got Them - Yo Gotti feat Lil Wayne & Birdman

Already, kno what I'm sayin this Birdman and this how it's goin down, that little youngin Yo Gotti I certifed him stamped approval, you feel me?, Energy or I see like n_gga it must be they got us f_cked up, they got us f_cked up, they got us f_cked up we been movin birds b_tch, they got us f_cked up, they got you f_cked up, then get you f_cked we been movin birds b_tch

Quarters, Quarters and Halves, Chickens, Chickens, and bricks, bundles, Bundles of dope, and Ounces, Ounces and sh_t (x2)

I got what they lookin fo, keep what they lookin fo, all they gotta do is tell me what they lookin fo, Cause I'm da dopeman, dopeman, dopeman, dopeman...
I Got Em'

[Verse: Lil' Wayne]
Money to be made best believe a n_gga clockin, I run it myself like a quarterback option, I pitch a 10 g's tell a b_tch to go shopping, she buy herself some clothes, and she bought me back a chopper, see n_ggas tryna kick it, but no I don't play s_cka, I'm all about my cake I'm tryna marry Betty Crocker, a package on the way you know my whip game proper, and enough for one key I see seventy thousand dollas, Now I was shootin dice, smokin on a joint, I bet with Yo Gotti, he hit five straight points, we ovahere hustlin, we ova here grindin, you rap about money and n_gga might sign ya, you rap about me and a n_gga might find ya, banana in ya ass with ya head right behind ya, DOPE GAME B_TCH let his mamma worry bout him, you can holla at me for a fee but I
Got Em'


[Verse: Yo Gotti]
I met the birdman with the Bird layin, got a twenty piece, brought it back to NORTH MEMPHIS charged twenty two a piece, now I'm in da kitchen with a beacon and a blender, low key in a rental, with dem thangs in da fender, see I full time grind january to december, put that snow in da summer got it lookin like da winter, I goin back to Cali, I gotta get that light green, mexico valley, you know they got them pine trees, 18 wheeler, now I'm on I-10, on my way to memphis, I gotta get my hands in, I come from da NORTH where gangstas gon grind, b_tch n_ggas gon whine, and hustlas gon shine, everybody say they trappin but most of dese n_ggas lyin, I told slim, told stunna I'm waitin for my time, either robbin, or poppin, click clack I shot em -, bullets buryin, brrrrr I GOT EM'


[Verse: Birdman]
Back where I started on my set in black, hop out da passenger side of my 'lac, under my nuts was to ounces of crack, but in my palm I had dat chromed out mac, shinin on them b_tches cause n_gga I'm bot that, flip a quarter bird to score a whole sack, pull up in the club in a old school 'lac, with a b_tch ridin fly so high, you love that, it's grind time, n_gga been about that, we flippin birds let them hoes go to sacs, we livin large with the garbage bag flats, want the money and the power, real n_ggas gon stack, and ridin fly, 25's on the back, flushed out n_gga keep a few stacks, out the hood, bout money that's that, if you ever cross the line best believe you gettin gat


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