I Know - Yo Gotti feat Rich Homie Quan

[Hook: Rich Homie Quan]
I know I know I know
I know I know I know (What you know Quan?)
You ain't that n_gga you say you is (Well how you know though?)
Just know that I know I know I know (Okay!)
Them streets, they f_ck with me strong
And them b_tches gon f_ck just because money long
You know that I know I know I know
Well you know that I know it I know it I know

[Verse 1: Yo Gotti]
You a f_ck n_gga and it ain't a secret
I'm so official they can referee it (they know I am)
Black gun, white work, I got jungle fever
28 on the scale, all I drop is ether (Rich Homie)
Get money, break bread, gotta feed your people
Every day like thanksgiving, everybody eating
I put work in the hood, let my homies grind
I do what I do to see my n_ggas shine
I know what I know and man that's all I know
I take 63 girls and try to make a four
That's a couple ounces if I get it right
Wanna see my homies rich cause n_gga this the life
I know


[Verse 2: Rich Homie Quan]
I know that you ain't that n_gga you claim to be
Despite how much money I make this sh_t ain't changing me
I know I know I know a lot of these n_ggas, they lame to me
I'm blown, I smoke what I rolled The same n_gga that I came in with (Rich Homie baby)
I'm on the west coast in a low rider
4 b_tches tryna leave with me
Ain't enough room and I don't know ya'll
I'm high as f_ck, you a low pie
I got a pharmacy ho for them narcotics
Put a potato on it make it shoot silent
F_ck wrong with you? you profiling
I done made a million and I didn't go to college (F_ck you mean)
And all my n_ggas locked for some work, best believe he goin silent
He don't know nobody, can't trust nobody but yo self
So believe me when I tell you that I know about it
When I asked yo ho about it she said me and Yo Gotti
The realest n_ggas left and I told that b_tch


[Verse 3: Yo Gotti]
I wanna see my homies rich forever
I know some secrets, I'll never tell em
I got some birds but I'd never mail em
You in love with Instagram hoes and you ain't never met em
Pocket full of money, boy I know the feeling
I know that n_ggas hatin' that's why I lost the civic
And the drophead, of the 71 cutlass on 8's
And my wife beater on, with my hat to the back started from the bottom like Drake
But I'm with the same old n_ggas that I started with
Same young n_ggas I was robbing with
And if these n_ggas have a problem with
Got them automatic pistols no revolver sh_t (Bang!)
And I know n_ggas sell they soul, go against they guy
F_ck n_ggas, playin like they real, living in disguise
Homie what you know?


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