Off Da Top (3am) - Yo Gotti

It's 3am West Coast time n_gga
We at Fat Burger
Hood n_gga rich sh_t gourmet burgers
Know what I'm talking about?

She p_ssy popping pocket watching
They call her a thot
Bad credit cash it out
Fresh up off the lot
No back and forth yipping yapping
N_ggas getting shot
10 million, 20 acres
That's the new spot
Flooded out my crib and
Told my dealer you the illest
Renegotiate my contract
Told my label I don't feel it
Fell out with my partner
He mixed friendship with our business
Broke up with my b_tch
'Cuz she was too much in her feelings
I may f_ck her friend
F_ck it I may f_ck her friend
Between me and you
I always wanted to f_ck her friend
If I kill a hater
Lord you gotta forgive my sins
That's one f_ck n_gga you ain't gotta worry about again
I'm forever thuggin' I ain't never changed
In plain colors but forever banging
Blowing money but I'm maintaining
Blowing money but I'm maintaining
Got a gambling problem but [?]
Trying to help all the real n_ggas
Hate to see a n_gga starving
Hate to see n_gga robbing [?] that's loyal
B_tch trying to give me the p_ssy for a Birkin bag
I can't afford you
I grew listening to 2pac and that Biggie
Jay-z and that Nas
No gimmick n_ggas these rappers had bars
Back when record labels turned n_ggas into stars
Sending n_ggas to Mars
Nowadays the game done got hard
You get shot that make you hot
But where I'm from that make you start
Before I be a p_ssy I'd rather rapper had the balls
I throw me some guns
Get myself a charge
Never see me do that
I came too far to look back
I did too much to get here
20 mil in one year
100 grand in one night
50k in one flight
I've been trapping my whole life
Ain't no secret I be thuggin'
Ain't no secret I be hustlin'
Drinking [?] over money
Money orders to my homies
Groupie b_tches be all on me
Leave your phones at the door
You won't put me on no blog
Once I f_ck you gotta go
3am ain't nothing open but IHOP
And a b_tch legs, and my trap spot
I said 3am I'm trapping at the IHOP
And I'm connected to the plug like a hotspot
I'm a grower we don't do drought
Birds in the sky we call them IClouds
You know the birds fly down south
I took a b_tch to eat at Mr. Chow's
I met the plug at Benihanahs
On hibachi grills eating rice and talking numbers
I don't do no middle men
And I don't trust no runners
I'ma pay on time and I won't never take you [?]
I'm an OG dope boy
I ain't nothing like these youngins
I don't take the dope I'm selling
I won't ever do no telling
I ship in the 18 wheeler and I ain't talking UPS

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