Oooh - Yo Gotti feat Rich Homie Quan & Snootie Wild

[Verse 1 - Yo Gotti:]
Everyday you see me boy I'm fresh as hell
Brand new purple J's don't work itselfs
Don't wear cologne I smell like cream
I'm from the US but my swag are from overseas
I'm killin' b_tches on my instagram
She like my pics and she dressy who I am
I like her pics I like her too
They say she a model b_tch I wouldn't never knew
I be f_cking bad hoes
I'm turnt up for it sway goes
At the top it's just us n_gga
I'm paranoid I don't really trust n_ggas

[Hook - Rich Homie Quan:]
I've you hate me if see you straight I won't tell nobody
And I got a couple secrets that I can't tell nobody
Besides my mama f_ck these b_tches cause I don't love nobody
On my hip where I keep it cause I don't trust nobody
Thou shall fear no evil, and never trust nobody
But I will ride for your people you can never trust nobody
Watch out for them n_ggas who keep a close eye on them b_tches
I don't know why I'm feeling like this, but I can't trust nobody
I can't trust nobody
I can't trust nobody

[Verse 2 - Yo Gotti:]
Trust is hard to get n_gga
Squad mob with my hitters
Ridin around with all my n_ggas
Y'all already know I ain't no killer
I rock versace with the mancielas
Half a mill in little pillows
Damn show it feel good
Be gettin' money with my n_ggas
Who ever ride with the team
They ain't without the beam
Keep a [?] 'fore they hit the streets
Hundred bands in my jeans
Never talk what I've seen
B_tches don't mean sh_t to me
These n_ggas don't mean sh_t to me
All this money might get to me


[Verse 3 - Snootie Wild:]
Trust nothing but God, oh lord
Who faked in my squad, oh lord
Hit it by the cross from my mob, oh lord
I'm gone catch a body, b_tch
I'm gone catch a body
Porsche push retarded
Hit the club it's sparkin'
CMG the takeover CMG the party
Goons all on the dancefloor don't become a target
Chickens in the minivan show you where I parked it


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