Set The Record Straight - Yo Gotti

Let's set the record straight
I own real estate
What it pay for?
I ain't never late (Yeah)
F_cked her twice
But we ain't never date (for real)
Gotti spaz and you hella late
Got bars like a jail cell
You thot b_tch you a trend fail
I just walk up in [?] where my money at?
Like it's a drug sale
Let me get it, f_ck the mayor
And the keys to the city
F_ck b_tch I got keys to the hemi
F_ck they don't really hear me
They don't really feel me
Yeah I got plug boy
I can get plenty
I can go to Seattle
I can get sh_t so motherf_cking green
Like a Greenbay Packer
I was selling in Atlanta
Ooo I was selling in Alaska
Driveway look like a lobster
I was in the White House
N_gga that's a white out
Looking like a motherf_cking white [?]
Just met your b_tch
And f_cked her night after
Gangsta on the Internet
You thuggin' on Apple
You the type of n_gga talking bad on the comments
I'm the type of n_gga see you in person and slap ya
N_gga that's the sound of a gun
B_tch better run

I swear the flow so stupid
I swear the boy so [?]
These n_ggas so groupie
Tell a p_ssy keep it movin'
I swear the flow so stupid
Ooo the boy so [?]
And these n_ggas so groupie
N_gga don't shake my hand, keep it movin'

I said all the hustlers come (Yeah)
Hit my n_gga with a pack the hood jump (Yeah)
N_gga pull up [?] the hood, dump it (Yeah)
I ain't even gotta call the hood comes (Yeah)
You ain't really from the hood you from the outskirts (p_ssy)
You ain't really gettin' it in you without work (p_ssy)
Ima dope boy god to the trap n_ggas
Ill f_ck around n bless one of you lil n_ggas

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