The Art of Hustle - Yo Gotti

Law #1: never underestimate the enemy
See this a very important law Law 2: if a man how a flaw that mean that flaw really exist
Never take it for granted never
Rule #3: make sure you never break it never sleep where the sack at

[Verse 1:]
I'm the hustler's constitution
Feds giving back time for retribution you snitching that sh_t excuses
Pain that's execution and thats my only solution I got from stopping these rat n_ggas from moving
My life a movie not a short film
Big budget Denzel Washington, Will Smith yeah
Scarface, Al Pacino, Godfather, Marlon Brando
A word to the wise watch your guys n_ggas snakes in disguise
Meeting b_tches off the gram know they living and lying
Cold heart never cried if I did it was blood
Little n_gga big pride murder that's what it was and that's law

[Gotti talking]
See if a n_gga
See when you got that muthaf_ckin chip on your shoulder and that big ass pistol and a n_gga come playing
You gotta show a n_gga you mean business you know what I'm saying

[Verse 2:]
I'm fighting pain, fame, I never want to change
I'm the same still running with the gang
Still down to kill a n_gga about some petty [?]
You a million dollar n_gga got to get that in your brain
Now get that in your brain it's all about the [?]
We savages we all live the same
And it's the art of war n_gga like the art of hustle n_gga
They looking for the goonies but Im the muscle n_gga
Ima shooter like Durant
I got heart like Russell n_gga
I lost a million to the plug I never trust another n_gga
What if I sell a million records will that change the code
Will my n_ggas try to betray me cause I know they vultures
Will LA Reid see my vision [?]
Create me a better way to put my people on
Will my baby mama finally quit texting my phone
Kiss my daughter and my son tell em I'm coming home
Tell my n_ggas put the pistols down I'm in the zone
I been dropping nothing but gangsta sh_t on every song
This that sh_t they been waiting for forever long
They gave my patna 30 years for talking on the phone
I had to watch his mama cry and tell her let's be strong
Ima hold him down he won't do all that time alone
What if I wasn't a rapper the streets would get annoyed
Cause don't nobody tell it how I tell it and you know it
What if they say I changed cause I went outside the box
What's good I kept my plug number so I can get some blocks
18 wheeler full of c_caine I'm talking lots of dope
Not believing Mexican plugs f_ck a horoscope
If you a star where your telescope
These n_ggas high they on hella dope
Your favorite rapper hella broke
Cars leases they got hella notes
Houses rented got eviction notes and everybody already know
You fabricated and [?]
You sold a million records I got millions of dollars
Who really made it huh

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