Can't Keep Livin - Young Buck

Ay let me get that ski-mask D-Tay
Priest, load up the strap mayne
Let me go get some money mayne

[Young Buck]
Life ain't 'posed to be like this, robbery and poverty
24 hour shifts to keep this c_caine off of me
Y'all ain't livin how I'm livin, one mo' week I'm seein prison
Cause to get what I'm after, a n_gga might be missin
I ain't listenin to sh_t, hit the Sweet and load the clip
Cause if crime didn't pay, then I'd be still on the strip
You n_ggaz still runnin yo' lips, I be runnin them zips
Up and down the interstate, makin ten G's a trip
A hardheaded n_gga, do whatever it takes
to go and get that bread n_gga, heard what I said n_gga?
Been misled for a long time, waited in a long line
Finally I'm here, now this rap game is mine
Keep the herb burnin, ain't nuttin changed cause I'm worth somethin
Y'all know the Young Buck, I'ma leave this earth bluntin
But still carry, the chrome Dirty Harry
Cause your boy got to have that, by any means necessary

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Hey - I can't keep livin this way
'Bout to load up my f_ckin AK
My mission is to go and get paid
Get paid

[Young Buck]
Ain't no n_gga out here heaven-sent, not on these streets
E'rybody want the Presidents cause n_ggaz gotta eat
So I try to leave no evidence and come when you sleep
In your residence n_gga until my mission's complete
Stay draped in my heat, paranoid like that
You kill me? R.I.P. I got boys like that
Who said they needed a white pack to strike back, sh_t
Just give me the right mac and n_gga I'll be right back
H_rdcore, and show these n_ggaz they don't want war
You want more? Well gimme what I'm here for
Y'all know I been raw, from day one
This teenager with the big boys, gettin the job done
Got a daddy, but he ignored both of his sons
Had to pay for my own way, as a child on the run
I ain't scary, the AK-47, I married
Cause a n_gga had to have that by any means necessary


[Young Buck]
Look what y'all done to me, forced a n_gga to this point
Wouldn't feed me when I was hongry, I couldn't ignore it
But I stay to my - lonely, and didn't show it
So when I killed you and your homies, you wouldn't know it
Cristal I let you po' it while I f_ck with the Hennessy
All this time I'm the n_gga that you pretend to be
Tables done turned now I'm like "Remember me?
The same lil' n_gga you overcharged for a ki"
Times hard on a G, you was larger than me
Young, but I ain't dumb, you ain't smarter than me
Give n_ggaz a inch, and they takin the whole mile
So I hop out the 6, and I takin they whole pile
Uh-uh whoa now, how many n_ggaz see this grown child
Sh_t gettin hectic then you shut 'em down
Tennessee to Uptown, n_ggaz is thuggin, mean muggin
Ain't no stoppin I'm hot, and the game is what I'm lovin n_gga

[Chorus - 2X w/ ad libs]

Get money n_gga!

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