Hold on - Young Buck feat 50 Cent

Yeah n_ggaz, G-Unit in this motherf_cker (it's the Unit)
Aiyyo 50, aiyyo this n_gga barely breathin n_gga!

[50 Cent - repeat 2X]
It won't be long 'fore you dead...
You wanna run your mouth crazy talkin 'bout me
N_gga I come for your head...
And leave your monkey ass laid out in the street

[50 Cent]
I hit your heart you dead, I squeeze 'til the semi run out
N_ggaz know me good, I'm my hood call me a dumb out
I'm the n_gga in the hooptie with my hat down low
Can't tell that this a hit, 'til the mac-10 blow
I got 32 shots, I ain't got to aim
I'll wave this b_tch in your direction mayne (ha ha)
Beams, clips and grips, this a sticky situation (yeah)
Adrenaline rush, I squeeze, my heart start pacin

[Young Buck]
Same glock, same block, same chain, same watch
Same six-fo' drop, same n_gga on top
Don't blame me if your muh'f_ckin block get hot
Cause I'm just tryin to make a livin, n_gga stay up outta prison
In a position of power
In a position where b_tch ass cowards can't f_ck with ours
And just do me, who he, say he gon' sue me?
Muh'f_cker I got bread (it won't be long 'fore you dead)

[Chorus: 50 Cent]
If, you, can't, hold on n_gga hold on
It seems like it never lasts
Always takes so long when you're hit
It won't be long 'fore you dead

[Young Buck]
When you wired up in ain't no smilin
See all of 'em whylin, and these n_ggaz is violent
Little do you know your time could be expirin

And you know that Reaper comin when that heater start dumpin
Nobody seen nothin, these n_ggaz is silent
From 12th Avenue, all the way to the projects
Real n_ggaz, we don't f_ck around with the nonsense
Murder One sh_t, that's how it get - muh'f_cker what

[50 Cent]
I put the fifth to your head, your white tee turn red
N_gga now give up the bread, I'll fill ya ass with lead
Put a hole in your wig, with the cig', ya dig?
Said f_ck the kids, I don't play that sh_t (c'mon)
It's all part of the game, man the game ain't fair
The trigger gots no heart, n_gga my gun don't care
The hammer hit that shell homie you see that flare
Your life start to flash, ya dead, n_gga who cares? (YEAH!)


[50 Cent]
Me and my b_tch we break up, we make up, see Jacob for the stones
We kick up, that's what's up, cause I'm out, with the chrome
You f_ck up, you get bucked, Buck'll getcha
Push a knife through your chest boy I ain't f_ckin wit'cha

[Young Buck]
The Unit's my hood, my coke, my weed, my dope
My pills, my liquor, my family, my n_ggaz
We soldiers, we killers, they know us, they feel us
They know we Gorillas, you know who the realest

[50 Cent]
The Unit's my gang, my set, my mac, my tec
My protects, my family, do you, understand me?
My knife, my gun, my wife, my son
My love, my n_ggaz, my stacks, them figures

[Young Buck]
Buck shots, hit his ass from the shotgun blast
Black D_ckie suit and a f_ckin black ski mask
Shoot first, this is how I react and we act
like it's nothin, Ca$hville n_ggaz used to that


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