U Ain't Goin Nowhere - Young Buck

[LaToiya Williams]
What did ya do to me? (What did you do to me?)
What did ya do to me? (To me, ha hah)

[Young Buck]
Now even though I might trick a little
I know you love the way I work the middle
You look good in them high heels girl
You're so hood, we in our lil' world
Shoppin sprees overseas, you and me on a private flight
Got a chance to be my wife if ya ass act right
Gotta dance all night girl, you want that ice
Everythang's on me, yeah, I'm that type
Marble floors in these elevator doors
Sixteen bedrooms and all of 'em yours
Let's f_ck all night, any position you like
Thick coats by the Coach, black Bentley Azure
I know sometimes a n_gga might not make it home and it's
no reception, low bars, it ain't on and I
keep doin this cause you don't care
Material girl that'll always be there, ya ain't goin nowhere

[Chorus: LaToiya Williams]
Time and time I try to leave
But I just can't seem to leave yo' ass alone
Don't know why I can't let you go
And why I keep comin back for mo'
I'm sayin this - life is good
Got me up out the hood, but I'm so confused
And I don't know how much more of this
disrespect I can take from youuuuu

[Young Buck]
And ya ain't goin nowhere, how I know because I told you so
And all that cryin sh_t stop when I'm down below

Sh_t, I'm on top when you hit that O
Now get that O, that's what the f_ck you came here fo'
Now move that body all around like a professional
Damn, shorty's so flexible
We can do it on the highway, I'm talkin 'bout sex to go
Now how the f_ck we get to Mexico?
Yeah I bought that house, but now you talkin 'bout leavin
You don't wanna do that girl it's pleasin season
Heard your girls told you I'm f_ckin up and that you need to get even
But all you need is me, you don't need them
You know the game, maintain and do ya thang
And tell them b_tches worry 'bout they own man
So when they start talkin like dat dere
Tell them b_tches get the f_ck out your ear, cause you ain't goin nowhere


[LaToiya Williams]
What did you dooooooooooo?
What did ya do to me? (What did you do to me?)
What did ya do to me? (To me, ha hah)
What did ya do to me? (What did you do to me?)
What did ya do to me? (To me, ha hah)

[Young Buck]
You keep tellin me I make you sick
But on some real sh_t, quit b_tch, you love this d_ck
And even if she did leave because of the way I act
It be's like that, f_ck it she'll be right back
You and I both know, if you and I both go
our separate ways one thing's for sho'
If you ever get the nerve to pack your sh_t and walk up out that do'
You ain't never comin back no mo'
She ain't goin nowhere

[Chorus w/ ad libs]

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